Q: What is the "Bride Only" rate?

A: Being that I am first come, first serve, the "Bride Only" rate is $40 more which allows stylists to be fair to brides who are just in need of services for themselves and to compensate time we would not be available for a large wedding party. (Sadly I've had many brides who have stylists cancel on them at the last minute due to a large wedding party booking which they unethically choose over their original bride only wedding and leave the bride in a panic.)

Q: Are you available to travel to the other islands?

A: Yes. I travel to all the islands with the commute expense covered by the bride.

Q: What is airbrush makeup?

A: Airbrush makeup is a makeup which is applied using an airbrush in comparison to traditional makeup which is applied with a brush or sponge. It's very light weight and sits on your skin without absorbing into your pores. It's great for all skin types, allows for a flawless finish with its full coverage and is water and humidity resistant and a long lasting makeup perfect for any special occassion.

Q: I have sensitive skin. Do you use mineral makeup?

A: Yes, I use mineral foundation. If you require mineral lipstick, I have some, but I would recommend you to pick up your own and bring it on your big day.

Q: If we start early in the morning, will my hair and makeup last throughout the entire day/night?

A: Yes, both your hair and makeup is primed and sealed which will allow you to last through the entire night.

Q: Are you available for hair and makeup touchups after the ceremony?

A: Yes, I will touch up any person who received services at $55/hour.

Q: I have a large wedding party but don't want to start getting ready too early. What can we do to shorten the timeline?

A: A second or third stylist can be added on as an option for a later start time. Must be booked at least one month prior.  

Q: I have dark circles, bad acne scars, blemishes, etc. Are you able to hide them?

A: Yes. All makeup services include contouring and blending/hiding of any imperfections of the face. Many of these can be discussed during your trial. 

Q: I have a large tattoo on my back I'd like to cover up. Can you cover a large tatto and is there an extra charge?

A: Yes, I am able to cover up your tattoos. Prices vary on size of your tattoo. For back tattoos, if you are trying to conceal it for your wedding day, I'd recommend doing an updo to prevent the tattoo cover up makeup from rubbing off from the hair.

Q: I don't usually wear makeup and don't want to look "caked" on. Can you make me look natural?

A: Yes. Many brides want to look natural and not over done. I will go as heavy or as light as you would like. I would recommend a trial to better meet your needs.

Q: I have very oily skin. Will my skin be oily with Hawaii's humidity and makeup?

A: Hawaii's humidity can make even bride's with dry skin feel extra hydrated. I do add primer prior to your foundation application. If you do have a more oily skin type, I use mineral makeup and double seal you with both powder and a makeup spray to prevent any unwanted shine. During consultation, please let me know and I will also be able to help with recommendations as well.